Women’s Health Screening Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide for Women

Women’s health is a topic that has been discussed for decades, and it seems like the world is finally starting to take notice. In Singapore alone, about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer during their lifetime.

That statistic might not be as scary if everyone was aware of the different types of screening available for women in Singapore – but sadly, most people are not.

This blog post discusses how to find quality information on screening services in Singapore while also going over what each type of test entails!

Women’s health screening Singapore is a necessity for women all around the world. In addition, women’s health screenings are an essential part of caring for themselves.

The screening consists of a routine mammography, which is a type of x-ray. The ultrasound can help to determine if there are lumps present in the breast tissue.

The blood test can be done at home and determines what hormone levels exist within one’s body. A simple blood test allows women over age 50 years old to assess their risk for developing heart disease by providing information about cholesterol, triglycerides, C Reactive Protein (CRP) -a biomarker for inflammation-, fasting glucose level, HDL Ch Level, LDL Cholesterol Levels.

In Conclusion

A comprehensive guide for women was created to help educate and inform people about the importance of regular self-breast exams and getting yearly checkups in order to detect cancer at its earliest stages when it can be most treatable.

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