What Is A Cataract & How Do You Treat It?

Our eyes are one of the senses that we often take for granted until something happens to our vision to impair it, and many conditions affect the eyes. As people grow older, a common problem can be cataracts forming on the eyes, making them look cloudy and preventing the sufferer from seeing clearly. You can get IOL cataract surgery to remedy this, and it is a simple procedure that can restore your vision and have you seeing things much clearer again. Below is a summary of the condition and how you can treat it to give you peace of mind if you suffer from a cataract.

What Is A Cataract?

Both of your eyes have lenses, and these are usually transparent so that we can see through them. However, when someone suffers from a cataract, the eye’s lens starts to cloud over, and it is like trying to see through a misty window. It can significantly reduce your vision’s clarity, and the condition develops slowly, so you cannot always tell until it substantially reduces your vision. As you get older, the lens can become less flexible, and it becomes thicker, sometimes also becoming less transparent. There are also a few different kinds of cataracts, and you can click here to find out more about the different ones.

How To Treat Cataracts?

A specialist eye surgeon can treat all types of cataracts quickly and effectively, and the procedure will usually last for around fifteen minutes. You will receive a topical anaesthetic to numb the eye, and the surgeon will make a small incision and place a small instrument into the cut. They use this to break up the lens and remove the pieces from the eye. They will then put a replacement lens into your eye that will allow you to see clearly again and help improve your vision.

What Happens After Surgery?

In most cases, patients go home the same day as the surgery, and your doctor may give you some eye drops that you will need to take regularly. The eye drops help prevent infection and help the eye heal, and they may also prescribe an eyepatch to wear for a few days. Within a couple of days, your eyes should have recovered enough to allow you to get on with your everyday activities, enjoying being able to see clearly again.

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