What are the benefits of having alkaline water ionizer

I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of an alkaline water ionizer. An alkaline water ionizer has been marketed as a way to revitalize your body and reverse the aging process. There are lots of claims, some believable others less so, but will an alkaline water ionizer actually have any benefits at all? Let’s take a look at this.

Not really. alkaline water Singapore is just water with higher than normal pH but might not contain any hydrogenated oils. This means alkaline ionized water which is created by artificially adding organic compounds to the buffer. HHO or “High Io” is a compound consisting of three carbon atoms surrounded by hydrogen atoms that was found to have anti-free radical activity.

So the big claim is that this anti-oxidant compound is able to neutralize all of the free radicals in your body, thus reducing all of your symptoms including your wrinkles, pain, memory loss, heartburn, headaches, skin aging, etc. But this is extremely overstated and unlikely to happen. The truth is, your body has its own mechanisms to deal with all of those toxins, which include detoxification by the liver and kidney, elimination via the skin, and a last, and much hope effective disposal through the blood stream.

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