The Legalization Of Cannabis 


With time, society is moving forward and is becoming more open to the things that it was not very open to. This is causing a lot of change, which is probably for the betterment of the world. Becoming a part of the movement, Arizona also legalized recreational Cannabis. This happened when a lot of other states were also doing this. This is good news for those who support the use of Cannabis as it would no longer be a crime to poses a certain amount of Cannabis.

What Does The Legalization Change

With Cannabis getting legalized in Arizona, many things would change in the state, particularly the laws related to Cannabis.

  • Before recreational Cannabis being legalized, it was a punishable crime to possess any form of Cannabis in the state. Now that recreational Cannabis is legalized, people can possess it.
  • The amount of Cannabis that a person can possess at a time is 1 ounce. If the amount exceeds 1 ounce, then he can be punished by the law or fined.
  • People are still not allowed to smoke Cannabis in public places. This means that smoking cannabis in public places is a punishable offense.
  • Any restaurant or private property or business can prohibit people from possessing or using Cannabis at their property. They have the right to either permit or prohibit people from using Cannabis at their property.

The Benefits Of Legalized Cannabis

The potential of Cannabis is great as there are a lot of claims from real scientists and many other learned people that Cannabis has great medical properties that can help in treating many diseases. What is required in this field is more research. People look at Cannabis as just a drug, and that is what has been a big roadblock in Cannabis being developed as a solution to many medical problems. With Cannabis being legalized in many parts of the world, the room for making more research on Cannabis, which would be fruitful for the masses because of the properties that Cannabis is supposed to have.

Along with everything happening, this legalization would also allow the opening of recreational dispensary in Arizonawhich would be a huge step because, in the past, there were no legal dispensaries in the area that were selling Cannabis because of recreational Cannabis being illegal. This one legalization would bring a lot of progress to the area in many different ways.

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