Skin tightening treatment 101: An overview of SculpSure

Some people just don’t lose weight as expected, even when they are focusing adequately on exercise and diet. Thankfully, there are noninvasive treatments available for fat removal, which are safe, approved by the FDA, and can help in getting rid of fat from some of the stubborn parts of the body, such as the belly. In this post, we are discussing one of the popular skin tightening treatments called SculpSure.

The basics

SculpSure is FDA-approved and can remove 24% of fat cells relying on a heated ‘laser belt’. This is a noninvasive procedure, so it is not like liposuction and doesn’t require use of any anesthetic agent. Who should consider SculpSure? Ideally, SculpSure is recommended for stubborn far removal, without relying on surgery, and it has been found to be equally beneficial for men and women alike. Unless someone is extremely obese, SculpSure can be considered, especially if the BMI is less than 30. It is important to understand this treatment is designed to eliminate fat cells, so don’t consider this as a standard weight loss procedure. As the name suggests, SculpSure is for sculpting and contouring, not to trigger weight loss directly.

How does it work?

You will be meeting a licensed aesthetician for the SculpSure treatment, and we recommend that you select a clinic that’s known, reliable and has great ratings. They will ask about your current and previous medical history, and medications you are taking. The role of a licensed aesthetician is to also set realistic expectations, so that patients know what to expect in terms of results. It takes about six weeks before you see visible results with SculpSure. You can expect complete change in firmness of the skin in about 12 weeks. The fat cells are destroyed in the procedure, and the body’s natural waste removal system will flush these cells from the body.

Other aspects worth knowing

Results with SculpSure are permanent in nature, but you will still need to focus on your diet and exercise, so that you can keep excess weight at bay. When you visit a clinic, don’t shy away from asking the tough questions, and make sure that you know of the costs, as multiple sessions may be required. Done right by an experienced aesthetician, there are little side effects of SculpSure, which makes it a great skin tightening procedure.

Check online now for more details on SculpSure and discuss further with your aesthetician to know more on the pros and cons.

Body contouring at Wolschlager Wellness is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the body. It is usually performed on the abdomen, thighs, hips, waist, and arms.

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