Non-Surgical Upper Cheek Fillers Singapore With Injections

Contouring of upper cheek

The cheek area below the eye rims, spreading to the side area of the face, is the region that enlarges an older patient. As people grow old, dermal collagen loss is natural. The cheek flattens with a thinning fat pad and resorption of bone. This results in saggy skin, sunk eye, heavy jowls, and the lips turn downwards. By padding in the area of the cheek, it will lift the face.

Cheek fillers with injection

The cheek fillers by using injection is a sought procedure these days. They fill the check area that is sunken with the dermal filler. It is a natural look and improves the appearance of the aging face. The filler adds volume and makes the jowls appear less noticeable by lifting them from the jawline. The doctors perform the inject, and it is necessary for generating a natural look. The cheek fillers singapore provide a range of effective filler, so the patient will hardly require cheek implant surgery.

Risk of cheek fillers

If the dermal filler injects into the wrong area, it causes the skin tissue to die and blocks the blood vessels. This issue causes skin discoloration and continuous pain.

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