How to Provide On-Site Short Term Rehabilitation For Long Term Residents of Nursing Homes

Short-term rehabilitation services are designed to help senior adults with the issues that may arise once they leave the hospital environment. Unfortunately, many seniors may not be mentally or physically prepared to deal with the changes once they leave the intensive care unit. These individuals often need help transitioning from the hospital to their independent living community. There are several things that families and care providers should look for when planning this transition.

The first step to short-term rehabilitation is a visit by a physician to make sure that there are no underlying medical issues that require the care of a physician. This is especially important if the loved one has a history of strokes or other life-threatening conditions. Another concern that may come up is a chronic medical condition or disability that requires the assistance of a certified nursing assistant. Nursing home facilities do not have the capability to provide this kind of assistance.

One way to help the transition from the hospital to their own home is to offer a three nights in a local nursing facility. Care providers often have agreements with local hospitals that will allow them to give a night or two free. If the family does not have the funds to pay for the nights in a rehab center, a hotel may be offered instead. Three nights in a hotel will help get the senior to a place where they feel more comfortable. Many seniors that live on Medicare coverage do not want to go back into the hospital where they will be under the watchful eye of their doctors.

If the family is not able to afford a hotel, a rental apartment may be the answer. Care providers are familiar with the process of posting a classified ad in an area newspaper. This can be very helpful in the search for a suitable apartment. The apartment complex should also have a number of agencies in the area that specialize in short-term rehabilitation. A lot of these agencies are staffed with fully trained and experienced nurses and support staff. They will be able to help with the transition and the post-hospital care in general.

It is a good idea to get a referral from the doctor. Sometimes, it is possible to get back to work after having just completed short term rehabilitation. In many cases, people that are recovering from a surgery will want to get right back to work as soon as possible.

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