Do Edibles Expire: Know When It is Safe to Consume your Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles provide a tasty way to get a good buzz without the health risks associated with vaping or smoking. This is the reason a lot of people prefer the edible weed over other forms. The only question left is do edibles expire in the first place? As with other edible products, cannabis edibles come with an expiration or “best by date” printed on their packaging. A lot of people are asking if time will impact the product’s potency. How long will it take before edibles go bad?

Marijuana-infused food products must be treated like their regular counterparts. Some factors can result in the edibles being spoiled. And they can go bad in no time if they have ingredients that can spoil the food like dairy. Marijuana-infused brownies and cookies will last longer than others will. Just like other foods that must be preserved, edibles must also be frozen or refrigerated to last longer.

Do Edibles Lose Potency?

With time, the potency of THC in edibles will degrade slowly. A cannabis product’s shelf date speaks to the food platform not the cannabis as an ingredient. In edible form, THC will keep its efficacy up to six months. In edibles such as gummies or lozenges, there is more oxygen available in the interiors than in a bottle of a beverage. Another factor that might speed up the loss of potency might include very acidic or basic environments. How the cannabinoid is presented into the edible matters.

While the tastiness of an edible won’t be as good as when it was produced, its potency will still be there. Marijuana-infused foods maintain their potency for up to one year after production. You can use the smell test to know if your cannabis is still good. Often, edibles last for days, depending on they are stored. It is best to consume edibles for 5-7 days. But, such a timeframe will only work if you properly store and preserve your edibles.

It is Safe to Eat Expired Edibles

Just because an edible is still potent does not mean it is safe. The issue is more about the food infused instead of its THC content. An expired edible might not cause lasting harm; however, an older edible would give you a less pleasurable experience than it would when it was newly made. When considering cannabis edible potency, you must take precautions. Ensure you consume your edibles before the expiration date for self-safety.

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