Choosing Between a Dental Filling or Dental Crown

Even if you think you only need the most form of restorative dentistry, it is beneficial to know your options in terms of professional dental treatment. If you have cavities that must be taken care of, you must pick the right fix, depending on your dentist’s assessment of your teeth. The dentist will help determine the best course of action to repair and protect the recognized damage from future decay and pain. For most damaged teeth, a dental crown or a dental filling is the best treatment.

When choosing a filling or a crown, it is important to determine the differences between each option. Your dentist can explain this to you and help you make your final decision. Sometimes, they may recommend both, depending on your teeth’s condition.

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are the most basic form of restorative dentistry; however, they have limitations both in their capabilities and appearance. Standard fillings are ideal only for smaller cavities. Your teeth must be solid enough to contain the filling and ensuing procedure to insert it. Also, they must remain fully functional for chewing and cleaning.

Moreover, keep in mind that a filling could fracture the remains of your tooth. When applying the dental filling, pressure must be applied to seal the hole to prevent the intrusive particles from intruding beneath. Such pressure can cause the tooth to crack it is starting to become brittle, therefore, creating even larger issues that must also be corrected.

After removing the decayed part of your tooth, the dentist will introduce the filling material of which top is shaped to resemble the tooth’s natural shape. You may choose a filling with the appearance of a metal or a composite filling designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

What about Dental Crowns?

The majority of dentists will recommend dental crowns if there is a need to repair a chipped or cracked tooth. They may recommend the installation of dental veneers to add more strength to the tooth. The crown adds more strength and helps keep the veneers in place.

Dental crowns are necessary after root canal treatment, ensuring the tooth is protected and looking like new. They are cosmetically discreet and unnoticeable. They serve as a prosthetic to operate as your former tooth once did. Porcelain and ceramic-based crowns are the most aesthetically pleasing option because they are made to match the current teeth and subtly blend in with the rest.

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