Cataract Removal in Shreveport LA: Is Laser Surgery a Great Option?

Cataract surgery is meant to remove the clouded lens of the eyes and replace it with a clear synthetic version. It used to require many days in the hospital and a long recovery period. These days, patients in Shreveport LA can get it on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. Within just days, they will be back to their normal lives. If you are considering getting this surgery, you will have to decide when to have it and what kind of lens implant you should get. Although seeing more clearly is the procedure’s main goal, new lasers and premium lenses can give patients better vision.

Reasons you May Need Cataract Surgery

The formation of cataracts is often a gradual process that plays out over many years. Your eyes’ lenses become less transparent, thicker, and less resilient. It can be difficult to tease out the impacts of a developing cataract form other age-related changes. During the early stages, you may become more nearsighted, which can be easily corrected with glasses. As the problem progresses, you may have a worsened night vision and colors are likely to look duller.

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

During traditional cataract surgery, surgeons use a small blade for entering the front of the eye and another instrument for making a circular incision on the lens capsule to reach the cataract. The cataract is removed after ultrasound waves break it into tiny pieces. The surgeon will insert the new artificial lens to replace the cloudy natural lens.

In a cataract removal in Shreveport LA using a laser, the surgeon inserts a laser to make the incision and lens opening. This creates a more dependable, precise incision than a surgeon can do by hand. The laser is useful if a cataract is dense or the opening is not easy to make. But, the accuracy of the laser is especially significant when surgeons want to implant a multifocal lens to correct distance and close-up vision. This lens is used for patients in Shreveport who want more options when it comes to the way they function with their vision like wanting to drive, playing golf, or doing computer work without wearing glasses. Also, a laser can reshape an imperfectly curved cornea, correcting minor astigmatism.

Choosing a Lens

When picking a lens, there are many things you must think about. First, you must consider what is important to you. For the majority of patients inShreveport, the monofocal implant is a great choice. It is ideal if you tend to do lots of close work, do not want to use glasses, and can compromise visual clarity. Other things you need to take into account include the cost and the experience of your surgeon.

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