Adapting Your Home for a Disabled Person

There can be many reasons why you may need to make disability adaptions to your home. It may be that someone has an accident or illness, whether permanent or temporary, or simply that you are getting older and finding it hard to live independently. Luckily, there are lots of fittings and gadgets that can help adapt your home, so here are some ideas to look at below.

Do it on a room-by-room basis

It’s worth going from room to room and identifying where there might be challenges, so you can come up with solutions. For example:

  • Bedroom – you may need help getting in and out of bed
  • Living room – sitting down and getting up can be a problem
  • Kitchen – lowered counters and gadgets can help people cook independently
  • Bathroom – look out for common dangers such as trips and falls

By doing this, you can break it down into smaller jobs, making them easier to tackle.

Consider a stairlift

Stairlifts can be hugely helpful for people with disabilities, whether they struggle to walk or need a wheelchair. Consider looking for new stairlifts Oxford and having one installed in your house. That way, you can easily get between floors without help, which will give you so much more independence.

Disability adaptions can vary depending on the person’s needs and the type of home that you live in. If you need to adapt your home, look for solutions to make life easier and allow the person in question to be as independent as possible.

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