A Quick Overview Of Tattoo Removal

There could be many reasons why you would want to remove an existing tattoo. Tattoos typically have a personal meaning, but with age, time, and changing life, it is quite possible that you don’t want the tattoo anymore. With technology advancements, tattoo removal is quite simpler, effective, and easy. Here is an overview of things worth knowing.

Factors that matter

There are varied means and techniques for tattoo removal, and each one is different. Several factor can determine the final result, such as age of the tattoo, type of ink used, and the skin tone. There was a time when tattoo removal for dark skin was not really possible, but now, the options are just way too many. Laser is often used to break down the tattoo pigments into very small particles, which are removed naturally by the body. Dark skin, however, doesn’t absorb laser energy as easily or effectively, so more extensive laser energy is required. However, it is still possible to remove a design you don’t want.

What are some of the best laser treatments for tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal artists may rely on one form of proprietary laser or the other. Picoway laser, for instance, is considered to be one of the best ways of tattoo removal. The procedure relies on a software to find the pigment variations, so the skin tone and ink colors are considered to come up with a custom setting that helps in removing the tattoo. The settings can be further tuned by a laser removal expert, to make the most of available technology.

Is it possible to redesign an existing tattoo?

In most cases, a good tattoo artist should be able to repurpose or redo the artwork in a way that the original tattoo is covered. However, this doesn’t always work for all kinds of tattoos. Also, the size of the tattoo is likely to get bigger, and for many people, that’s not a suitable option.

Other things to know

You can always use a bandage or makeup to cover a tattoo temporarily. However, when it comes to permanent tattoo removal, select a studio that’s experienced and professional. They must have the latest technologies, and should be able to offer a fair idea of what to expect realistically from a procedure. The good news is most tattoos can be covered up or removed, so there is always hope.

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